our roots

Our roots start with our interest in gardening technology back in the 1980's as a hobby.  Developing hydroponic and aeroponic grow systems.  Fast forward to today we have turned our focus to organic growing and living soils.  The philosophy behind living soils is that  organic soil in the natural world supports a web of life including bacteria, fungi, protozoa, etc. These organisms play a vital role in the life of plants. They break down organic matter to make the nutrients available for plant roots.  Evidence is mounting that fungi and bacteria are cooperating in a symbiotic relationship in order to unlock the benefits of Mycorrhizae, a beneficial fungi that help virtually all land plants absorb the essential nutrients — phosphorus and nitrogen — from the soil. By creating a healthy root system you create a healthy plant.  Our soils are formulated with all the nutrients and microorganisms to grow healthy plants from seed to harvest with just water.